“The fashion of the world is to avoid cost, and you encounter it.”-William Shakespeare

Cost Audit

We add value in the following areas as Cost Accountants:

  • Cost Audit
  • Certification and Consultancy areas

Cost Audit Areas

  • Cost Audit – Corporate Sector.
  • Compliance Audit of Reserve Bank of India (India's Central Bank) for the purpose of Lending under Consortium Arrangement / Multiple Banking Arrangements.
  • Cost Audit – Co-operative sector
  • VAT Audit under various State Value Added Tax/ Rules
  • Internal Audit of Companies including SEBI and NSDL
  • Stock Audit for Banks
  • Central Excise Audit
  • Concurrent Audit

Compliance Report

Cost Accounting Records Rules (Common & Industry Specific referred above) prescribe submission of Compliance Report by the Companies on which these cost accounting records rules are applicable. Annexure to compliance report is to be certified by a cost accountant and approved by the Board of Directors before submitting the same to the Central Government by the company. Cost Accountant for the purpose of compliance report means a cost accountant who is either a permanent employee of the company or holds a valid certificate of practice issued by the Institute.